Accredited Pharma Company in India

Unimarck Pharma (I) Ltd is a highly reputed pharmaceutical company in North India. Pioneered from 1984, it started operations under the guidance of Mr. Bhupinder Pal Singh Bhatia, Chief Managing Director.
Unimarck Pharma India Limited has created a strong base in its area of operations with a strong and stellar force of around 600 personnel, what we like to call as our Unimarckens. With an enduring belief of rendering services to human well-being, Unimarck today has set a benchmark for itself in the Pharmaceutical Industry with quality and impeccable commitment towards its consumers as its core competencies. Unimarck has successfully managed to hold on itself with market reputation and perpetual customer base over the years and thrives to do so in the coming years.

‘Our motto of rendering services towards the society is a never-ending chain, thereby resulting in offering optimal health benefits for all.’
Unimarck Pharma India Limited is one of the fastest-growing privately held pharmaceutical companies in India. For the past four decades, we have been developing and manufacturing affordable and quality medicines for consumers around the country.

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