Donut Hole by Robert Charles Le Beau | Book

“Donut Hole” A Marine’s real-life battle in Vietnam during the 68 Tet Offensive. It was like Fort Apache, but in Vietnam.” Feb. 7, 8, 9, and 10 in a CAP unit called “Echo 4” or what I called the “Donut Hole.”
It is a story, not only for my beloved Marine Corp but also for sacrifices made by the Army trying to get to Echo 4. In a single day, the casualties were only second to Hamburger Hill in the northern I Corps area. Little has been written about it, but it is a War story that needs to be told. Valor was common, and the Vietnamese enemy had lost almost two battalions trying to take down the Da Nang airbase in early Feb. of 1968. From An Hoa, in Happy Valley, I was on my way back to Da Nang headquarters and then on to Hue when I got stuck at Echo 4. That battle that history needs to told.

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