Extending its support to all the people dealing with kidney-related disorders, Karma Ayurveda works towards creating a healthy society. Working since 1937, we focus on the inclusion of Ayurvedic herbs and formulations in our treatment methods. Our Ayurvedic therapies and medicines are focused on targeting the root cause of the problems like nephrotic syndrome, kidney failure, kidney stones, acute kidney disease, and chronic kidney diseases. We work towards improving the overall health of an individual. Our motive remains to offer quality care to the patients and aid them in recovering through natural approaches. see dr Puneet Dhawan patient reviews We believe in improving day by day and offering safe and authentic solutions to the people

Karma Ayurveda uses a holistic Ayurvedic approach with superior herbs such as Kasuni, Varun, Siger, and Gokusur to provide the ultimate healing treatments. Ayurvedic acharya offers a unique and true remedy for kidney problems such as polycystic kidney disease, renal failure, elevated protein and creatinine, and nephrotic syndrome. Dr. Puneet specializes in providing quality care to people and believes in reinventing the healthcare sector through new Ayurvedic treatments. Managed solutions in Ayurveda help improve a person's overall health. dr Puneet Dhawan patient reviews We are well-known for providing advanced healthcare services to people suffering from a variety of kidney diseases and conditions.