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Best App for Indian stock market news –latest share market information and live market status – paperless account opening and hassle-free trading Daily Gong by MSEFSL.
DailyGong, a stock broking app, has certain factors on trades executed on behalf of a customer and a fee for retaining its services. Because it offers several different services, including:

Stockbrokers that solely fulfill orders on your behalf are known as execution-only brokers. They do not provide advice.
Advisory stockbrokers will provide you recommendations on where to trade, but they will just execute your orders.
Flexible brokerage apps will execute deals on your account without your knowledge.

When purchasing stocks from a business, you do not require a broker. Stocks can be purchased directly from the company's shares. However, there are benefits to employing the assistance of a broker. Let's look at a few of them:

As an instance, a buyer may charge a transaction fee when a stock trading order is carried out to cover the costs incurred by the brokerage business in completing the sale. Because it is normal practice for real estate agents to collaborate with each company that represents one side of the agreement to achieve a sale, the real estate sector frequently operates as a brokerage app.

DailyGong was conceptualised to connect the opposite side of a deal for their clients, connect buyers and sellers at the most advantageous price for each, and charge a fee for their services. Investors have several alternatives when it comes to selecting a brokerage business. Depending on a person's level of market expertise, sophistication, preferences, and comfort with delegating financial decisions to others, they may need different kinds of services.

Advantages of Using the DailyGong app

Brokerage businesses provide their clients with a wide range of financial services. Consider the following essential offerings: