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Many beginners think that they just have to find the “one” right supplement (that works for them) and then the success increases many times over and miracles happen. So they try one after the other, one after the other, mostly inconsistent in dosage, intake, duration, etc. (possibly also in the wrong dose, etc.). The fact is that there is a huge range of supplements, but only a certain number are effective for various applications.
Do Supplements work?
The supplements “support” you, when you combine the right supplements for your individual goals and requirements, with proper diet & workout. Even if you didn’t use supplements, but your diet correctly covered 100% of all macronutrients and general nutrients, you can achieve excellent results.
But it would be wrong to say that supplements are useless. They can, for example, specifically support weak points in your diet or your lifestyle (diet, muscle building) – but you have to be careful to select the right supplements .

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