Sarala Dasanka Shreshtha Kabyakruti Odia Book

Sarala Dasa (brought into the world as Siddheswara Parida) was a fifteenth century writer and researcher of Odia writing. Most popular for three Odia books — Mahabharata, Vilanka Ramayana and Chandi Purana — he was the first researcher to write in Quite a while and his loved as the Adi Kabi (First Artist) of Odia writing. As an originator of Odia writing, his work has framed a persevering through wellspring of data for succeeding ages.

The early existence of Sarala Dasa isn't precisely known. He was a contemporary of the Gajapati Ruler Kapilendra Dev. However the date of his introduction to the world can't still up in the air, he can securely be put to the fifteenth century Promotion. He was brought into the world at a town called kanakavati patana known as Kanakapura at the Tentuliapada, Jagatsinghpur locale.

Sarala Dasa had no coordinated early training, and what he accomplished through self-instruction was credited to the beauty of Sarala, goddess of dedication and motivation. However his initial name was Siddheswara Parida, he was subsequently known as Sarala Dasa, or 'by the aid of Sarala'. (The title Dasa implies a slave or a worker of a specific god or goddess. A not insignificant rundown of writers, going before and succeeding Sarala Dasa, have names finishing along these lines. For instance: Vatra Dasa, Markanda Dasa, Sarala Dasa, Jagannatha Dasa, Balarama Dasa, and Yasovanta Dasa.) A story – like those recounted other Indian writers, like Kalidasa, probably unskilled in early life until helped by the goddess Saraswati – tells that Siddheswara as a kid was once furrowing his dad's field and singing so resonantly that the goddess Sarala halted and paid attention to his tune and supplied him with her force of making wonderful sonnets.

There are a few signs in his Mahabharata that he filled in as a warrior in the multitude of the Gajapati Lord of Odisha.Sarala Dasa invested his last energy at Bila Sarala yet the local spot Kanakavati Patana known as Kanakap