Tasting the Tito’s Vodka, Ketel One vodka

Tito’s vodka is a brand of vodka. Tito's vodka is found by Tito’s Beveridge in 1997. The special about this vodka is it can be made from potatoes, wheat, and yellow corn. In the market, Tito’s Handmade Vodka is a brand of vodka, and its products are craft-distilled in a copper pot still as a first legal Distillery, But the brand is not a micro-distillery. So this distillery is defined by the Distilled Spirits Council in the United States. typically, Tito's vodka is internationally made from all the American corn. But these Tito chooses the in the specific reason because he believes, these some corn has smooth after the distillation. In the market, Tito's has so popular because it is smooth, and the taste has been rich and great. Also, the price is affordable. Drinkers can order the tito's vodka because it has amazing taste

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